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We present below the operators manuals, spec sheets, brochures, and other documents we currently have available. We're working to make more of these available, but if you need something not shown here or require technical assistance, please feel comfortable in contacting us.

Brochures and Catalogs

StraightLine® HDD Products Catalog 7.5 MB
StraightLine® RockEye Air Hammer Brochure 2.7 MB
StraightLine® Reamer Catalog 5.5 MB
StraightLine® Product Overview Brochure 2 MB
StraightLine® Hole Opener Brochure 2.2 MB
StraightLine® RockEye™ Air Hammer Loaner Program Brochure 8.4 MB
StraightLine® Armadrillco Data Sheets 1.2 MB


StraightLine® Financing Application 55.1 KB

Operator's Manuals - Air Hammers - StraightLine

StraightLine® Airhammers AH4.0 and AH5.0 Operator Manual Ver. II 7.1 MB
StraightLine® Airhammers AH4.0 and AH5.0 Operator Manual 4.1 MB

Operator's Manuals - Drills - StraightLine

StraightLine® 905 Operators Manual 2.2 MB
StraightLine® 910 Operators Manual 1.9 MB
StraightLine® 2062 Operators Manual 594 KB
StraightLine® 2462 Operators Manual 2.1 MB
StraightLine® SL2020 Operators Manual 2.3 MB

Operator's Manuals - Locators - DigiTrak®

DigiTrak® LT Owners Manual 1.5 MB
DigiTrak® Mark III Owners Manual 3.7 MB
DigiTrak® Mark V Owners Manual 520.7 KB
DigiTrak® Eclipse Owners Manual 1.4 MB

Operator's Manuals - Mud Skids - StraightLine

StraightLine® 1415 Operator Manual 334.4 KB

Parts Manuals - Drills - StraightLine

StraightLine® 905 Parts Manual 3 MB
StraightLine® 910 Parts Manual 3 MB
StraightLine® 2462 Parts Manual 2.5 MB
StraightLine® 2610 Parts Manual 4.5 MB
StraightLine® 3550-001 Parts Manual 1.3 MB
StraightLine® 3550-002 (and up) Parts Manual 878.3 KB
StraightLine® SL2020 Parts Manual 8.4 MB

Parts Manuals - Mud Skids - StraightLine

StraightLine® 1415 Parts Manual 793.9 KB
StraightLine® 2515 Parts Manual 1.4 MB
StraightLine® Performix Parts Manual 687.6 KB
StraightLine® Performix Ultra Parts Manual 812.4 KB

Parts Manuals - Mud Systems - StraightLine

StraightLine® Mud System 150G Parts Manual 244.6 KB
StraightLine® Mud System M3A Parts Manual 998.4 KB
StraightLine® Mud System M3B Parts Manual 1.5 MB

Spec Sheets - Armadrillco

Armadrillco Bullet Bit 259.2 KB
Armadrillco Drill Head Bits 336.5 KB
Armadrillco High-Flow/Side-Load Drill Head 196 KB
Armadrillco High-Flow/Side-Load Transmitter Housings 225.8 KB
Amradrillco TCI and Mill-Tooth Bits 656.4 KB

Spec Sheets - Locators - DigiTrak®

DigiTrak® LT Spec Sheet 194.1 KB
DigiTrak® Mark III Spec Sheet 289.7 KB
DigiTrak® Mark V Spec Sheet 288.7 KB
DigiTrak® Eclipse Spec Sheet 324.2 KB

Spec Sheets - Locators - Underground Magnetics

MAG 3 Spec Sheet 331.8 KB

Price List

StraightLine Products Price List