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The Armadrillco/StraightLine HDD combination fuses Armadrillco’s line of patented and field-proven transmitter housings, drill heads and rock tools with StraightLine’s expansive down-hole tooling portfolio.

The combination creates a HDD tooling powerhouse, backed by a world-class manufacturing and sales/field-support organization.

Armadrillco—powered by StraightLine: Dominate your next hard condition pilot bore.

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High-Flow/Side-Load Transmitter Housings

Armadrillco high-flow/side-load transmitter housings are as innovative as they are tough and versatile. Compatible with most popular transmitters and beacons, Armadrillco housings feature a unique polyurethane sealing system that protects valuable electronics. The patented pinning system with outer locking groove eliminates the need for bolts that can be over-tightened or come loose during operation. This is lid retention system is the most secure in the industry. Available in two sizes (3.5-inches & 4.125-inches) and a variety of connections, these housings feature front and back API threads for added versatility.

Drill head

Drill Heads

Armadrillco slant-face drill heads feature a unique cushioned cavity system designed to shield valuable electronic components from heat and vibration. The patented lid retention system is there to protect the lid from being lost. The patented bullet-proof Retainer Boss/Cross-Pin design is field-proven to withstand drilling stresses, while creating a strong and stable bit mount platform. Drill heads have standard API connection for maximum strength and versatility.


Drill Bits

Available in a wide range of designs to address any soil condition, all bits are manufactured from ¾-inch 4140 HT materials and feature Armadrillco’s 2-hole pattern.

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Rock Tools

Available in several designs to address a variety of tough soil conditions, Armadrillco rock tools are manufactured using precision-placed carbide and field-proven wear carbide to deliver maximum service life. Fits Armadrillco’s 2-hole pattern.

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